Nice to meet you

That’s how we are, what did you think?

Passionate, fun, future-oriented... would you ever have expected it from a company that produces space-saving drying racks? Probably not, but this is us, this is Foxydry.

We come from the beautiful green hills of Veneto, where prosecco and good ideas find fertile ground to grow and flourish. We are a young company with a sparkling, creative spirit, and this is what allowed us to develop this new project that combines tradition and innovation.

We love to call ourselves explorers, because we are inspired by trends and different cultures, welcoming each new challenge as a great adventure to be lived with enthusiasm. We entered the market with this spirit, and we want to continue our journey with the same mindset, always finding new ways to better enjoy our daily life - and for you to enjoy yours, of course!

Our vision rhymes with innovation

For us, Foxydry means lightness and freedom,and this is the way we choose to live our life: giving space to things, but above all to ideas. We experience change as an opportunity and not as an obstacle to overcome. Changing means evolving and giving ourselves the opportunity to improve, both in the final product and in the production process. For this, you need far-sightedness and speed of adaptation - and do have a lot! We are a group of enthusiasts, with a good dose of friendliness and humor, which never hurts!

Our team is diverse, made up of people of different ages and backgrounds, and this is one of our greatest strengths. Different points of view and our frequent constructive comparisons are what made us a cohesive and close-knit team, ready to do anything to achieve a clear and ambitious goal: creating something that can change people's lives for the better, all over the world.