Is it worth buying a Foxydry model?

Yes, and not just because we invented it!

If you are here, it is because you realized that the time of sharing your home with your traditional drying rack has come to an end. There is nothing to be done, its presence has become unbearable. If you see it once again there, right in the middle of the corridor or - dare I say - between the sofa and the TV, it’s going to end badly.

Yes, the time has come to open the doors to a new relationship with someone who can understand you and your need to have your space.

This time, however, you want to be sure it's forever… and how can you blame yourself?

We are all about serious relationships

Each Foxydry model is made of anodized aluminum and steel, two excellent quality materials made to last a long time, even when installed outdoors. Foxydry Wall and Foxydry Mini are also equipped with lanyards from the nautical world, designed to resist water and humidity.

We love order and organization

Foxydry models are designed to make your life more peaceful and happy. One of our biggest wishes is that you can finally go home and not get annoyed when you see laundry hanging all over the place.

All of our models are wall or ceiling drying racks, and so there is no risk for your laundry to move around the house.

We take it all, for real!

All types of Foxydry drying racks are designed to support a 10 kg load (Foxydry Wall, Foxydry Mini and Foxydry Fold), up to 35 kg (Foxydry Air), without any effort.

You can also hang double bed sheets or blankets without any problem. They hold everything, and lifting them up is super easy - Foxydry Air comes with a remote control, while Foxydry Wall and Foxydry Mini are equipped with a chain capable of reducing the weight of the laundry.

Find out the best model for you

Compare the characteristics of all our different ceiling and wall-mounted drying racks, and find out which model best suits your needs.


  • $529,70
  • Remote controlled
  • For ceiling


  • $199,70
  • Manual
  • For Ceiling


  • $299,70
  • Manual
  • For wall


  • From $144,70
  • Manual
  • For wall


You will be able to follow the delivery embracing your new space-saving drying rack in just 5 working days