Ceiling drying rack

Foxydry AIR

The innovative remote control adjustable ceiling clothesline, which you will never be able to do without!


Foxydry Air

Free up your room with a click

Just grab your remote and in a few seconds foxydry air will rise to the ceiling, lifting up to 35 kg of laundry, with no effort required on your side! 

In a few seconds, even the smallest room will become spacious enough for the most intense pillow fights!


Foxydry Air

We tried, but it’s impossible to resist it!

It’s made of anodized aluminum and steel, making it resistant over time even if it’s installed outdoors. Its safety system really works, locking automatically in case of obstacles going up or down. To top it off, it also has a modern design that everybody loves! 

We tried to find some faults, but it just doesn't have any!

Foxydry Air

Much more than a drying rack

The two built-in ventilation fans make it easy to dry all the laundry - absolutely everything. yes, even the long double blankets you can spread without folding, thanks to its extendable tubes up to 240 cm

Foxydry air can also be used as a chandelier - did you notice it also has a low energy consumption led lamp?


Sloping ceiling? No problem!

You can install foxydry air even on sloping or particularly high ceilings just by adding the cable kit!


Foxydry Air can drop as much as 1.80m from the ceiling, and can be locked at any intermediate height.

Foxydry stops automatically if it encounters obstacles in its path.

It can hold up to 35 kg of laundry

It is equipped with a low consumption LED lamp.