Frequently asked questions about Foxydry drying racks

Within 6 days from your order, you’ll have any model delivered to you. From the moment of your order, within 2 days we deliver the package to the courier, who will reach your home in 6 working days tops! If the payment is made by bank transfer, everything takes a little longer... but just a few hours!

We knew that increasing the Foxydry Wall range from 10 to 20 kg would pique your interest! Here's how it works - one grid remains fixed at the bottom and you can fold it on itself if necessary, while the other one slides along the wall, and you can control it with the chain. How much? You can take it home with just € 69.90 extra!

Of course! Just request it during purchase, and send us the billing data.

The answer is yes, but only if you have the skills!

Foxydry Air is the only model that needs an electrical connection similar to that of a simple chandelier, but if you do not feel safe, it is better to call your trusted electrician.

If you live in the US & Canada, shipping is free.

Duties and taxes are not included in your total. They will be collected by the carrier on or before delivery.

Pretty much everywhere! In your bathroom, in your living room, in your bedroom, on your terrace sheltered from the rain... in short, wherever you want! If you choose Foxydry Air, you can also install it on a sloping ceiling thanks to the Cable Kit and even on a wall with the Foxydry brackets!

You can also attach all Foxydry models to a plasterboard wall, but first make sure it can support its weight!

It depends on the model you choose. With Foxydry Air you can hang up to 35 kg of laundry, while with Foxydry Mini, Wall and Fold the maximum limit is 10 kg.

Of course, if you want to add a grid to Foxydry Wall, it’s a different story - the maximum weight limit goes up to 20 kg!

You can pay with:

Bank transfer

Credit or Debit Card


Amazon Pay

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