Ceiling Drying Rack

Foxydry MINI

Our manually adjustable ceiling drying rack, which you will forget you even own!


Foxydry Mini

As light as a feather, maybe even more

10 kg of laundry and you won’t feel them! the foxydry mini chain mechanism lifts your laundry effortlessly, stopping the drying rack at the most convenient height for you. 

High ceiling? no problem - the rack can be lowered up to 1.8 meters!


Foxydry Mini

It disappeared in an instant - maybe it’s magic!

Foxydry Mini is a retractable drying rack, designed to make the most of even the smallest spaces in your home. 

So be careful, because your house will look larger and more spacious, as well as more tidy... you might get lost in your own home!

Foxydry Mini

Water and humidity?Not your problem anymore!

Its lanyards come from the sailing world, and were made to resist water and humidity. 

With its anodized aluminum and steel structure, it’s easy to install it both inside and outside your house. You can be sure that this ceiling drying rack will last until you’re old!

More invisible than the invisible man

Hang your laundry and with just one touch, Foxydry disappears to the ceiling. This is real superhero stuff!