Legal notice

 The receipt and the invoice, if any, are to be stored as valid documents to support any warranty claims. Our warranty covers any material and manufacturing defects that couldn’t have been identified by inspection of the goods at the time of purchase, pursuant to the European standards and regulations, and is limited to mechanical parts only and is valid for all Foxydry products. The engine warranty covers any damages or material and manufacturing defects for a period of 24 months from the date of the delivery receipt. Cometa S.r.l. IS NOT RESPONSIBLE for any damages that may result from the improper use of its products or for any damages caused by third parties. The warranty covers all Foxydry products subject to the conditions described below, not the context in which such products are operated.

The warranty shall be automatically terminated and become null and void in the following circumstances:
–    Malfunctioning caused by incorrect assembly of the products by the Customer;
–    Malfunctioning caused by incorrect installation of the products by the Customer or by third parties;
–    Failure of the power-operated systems caused by incorrect electrical connections;
–    Any alteration of the electrical or mechanical parts;
–    Installation not in accordance with product specifications;
–    Any damage incurred during transport;
–    Use of third party equipment not suitable for the product;
–    Installation by untrained or non-qualified personnel.
We shall not accept any returns from the Customer, except with our prior written consent. If a product fails to function properly during the warranty period, Cometa srl shall replace or repair, at its sole discretion, the defective product free of charge. All repairs or replacements covered by this warranty will be performed only at our premises. The Customer shall pack carefully and ship the defective product, along with a copy of the relevant receipt or invoice, to: Cometa srl, via San Michele 3 – 31020 Falzè di Piave (TV), Italy. Products returned in poor, damaged or inadequate packaging will not be accepted.